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How Do You Check A ICON Elliptical Resistance Motor?

Posted by on 22nd Aug 2014

Do you know how to check your old motor to see if it is good. I use a 12 volt battery, like a lantern style battery. You must disconnect the resistance motor at the wiring connection, you put two jumper cables on the 12 volt battery one on the positive and one on the negative. Then connect positive to the yellow wire on the harness and connect the negative to the blue wire on the harness. You may need to cut a paper clip to use it to stick into the harness holes. They are very small. This is a 2 SECOND TEST ONLY, DO NOT LEAVE THE BATTERY CONNECTED TO THE MOTOR. BECAUSE IT WILL DESTROY THE RESISTANCE MOTOR IF YOU LEAVE IT ON TO LONG. As soon as you make the connection the motor should start to turn, if it does not its bad.