Is Treadmill Maintenance Important

Is Treadmill Maintenance Important

Posted by on 3rd Nov 2023

Is Treadmill Maintenance Important

Having a treadmill in the convenience of your own home can be a great luxury. It eliminates the need to travel to a gym for a cardio workout and removes the common excuses for skipping exercise. However, to ensure that your treadmill remains in good working condition and to avoid costly repairs, regular maintenance is crucial. In this article, we will explore the importance of treadmill maintenance and provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to properly maintain your home treadmill.

The Importance of Treadmill Maintenance

Treadmills are complex machines that can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Taking care of your investment is essential to prolong its lifespan and prevent any breakdowns. Regular maintenance not only reduces the chances of a machine malfunction but also ensures the safety of the user. A poorly maintained treadmill can be dangerous to use and may result in injuries.

Maintaining Your Home Treadmill

A little routine maintenance goes a long way in preventing issues with your treadmill. Let's take a look at some important maintenance tasks you should perform regularly:

1. Safety First

Make sure the safety clip, an important feature that allows the machine to come to an emergency stop if needed, is properly attached and in good working condition. Use this clip every time you walk or run on your treadmill. If the safety clip is not functioning correctly, contact your treadmill manufacturer for a replacement.

2. Unplug After Use

After each use, unplug your treadmill to prevent any potential tripping hazards and to avoid exposing the machine to electrical variations. This simple step can also help prolong the life of your treadmill.

3. Cleaning Your Machine

Proper cleaning is essential to maintain the hygiene and functionality of your treadmill. After each use, wipe down the console with a cleanser specifically designed for gym equipment or use a damp cloth. Avoid spraying liquids directly onto the treadmill and keep liquids away from the console to prevent damage.

Every couple of weeks, vacuum around the treadmill deck and dust the deck itself. Dust and debris can accumulate in small crevices and eventually reach the motor, causing damage. Follow the instructions provided in your user’s manual for the proper cleaning process.

4. Treadmill Walking Belt

Over time, the walking belt on your treadmill may fall out of alignment. If you notice that the belt is noticeably skewed or positioned off-center from the deck, stop using the machine until it can be fixed. Continuing to use the treadmill with an improperly aligned belt can cause further damage.

Adjusting the alignment of the walking belt is usually a simple process. Refer to your user’s manual for specific instructions, but in most cases, you will need to adjust a couple of bolts on either side of the machine to make small adjustments to the belt’s positioning. These bolts can also be tightened to increase tension if the belt becomes too loose. Avoid using power tools as it may damage your treadmill. If the belt is worn out and needs to be replaced, contact the treadmill manufacturer for assistance.

5. Treadmill’s Screws

Before each use, check for any loose screws on your treadmill. Tighten them if necessary, but never use power tools for this task. Loose screws can cause damage to your machine, and using the wrong screws may also lead to problems. If you need to replace any screws, contact the manufacturer for the correct ones.

Consider creating a maintenance checklist to help you remember these tasks. Here is a sample checklist:

Daily Maintenance Tasks

  • Check for loose screws
  • Clean console and grips with a gentle cleaner

Weekly/Monthly Maintenance Tasks

  • Check belt tension and alignment
  • Check power cord for damage

Quarterly Maintenance Tasks

  • Clean/dust/vacuum around the deck
  • Check belt for wear and tear


Properly maintaining your treadmill is crucial to keep it in safe and optimal operating condition. By following these maintenance guidelines and the instructions in your user’s manual, you can ensure that your treadmill remains functional and lasts for years to come. Regular maintenance will save you money on unnecessary repairs and help you avoid injuries while using the machine. Make treadmill maintenance a priority and enjoy a safe and effective workout experience at home.